A little update for you


Hello there


How are you all? Life has been really busy but it’s been great to see the charity growing and more people coming on board at a time when so many are in need. 


Thank you so much for your continued support. We are in a position now where we can give away some much needed money in the build up to Christmas so please get on the website  and nominate those charities and good causes you’d like to us to support.


The other thing we’d love you to do is tell your friends and encourage them to get involved. You can even send them the sign up link


We would love to get to 1000 members as soon as possible so we can give out £1000 pounds every week of the year.


Thanks again for the support and we’ll be sending regular updates to keep you posted as things develop. You’re all lovely.




Dan Walker

Founder and Patron, The Sheffield 1000

Charity Number: 1195383