This weeks charity: Changing Faces AND we need your Nominations


Hello there!

We hope you all had a great Easter.


We have been able to hand another £1000 out this week and I had a great chat with Ellie from Changing Faces.


Changing faces is an incredible charity that support people with a visible difference or disfigurement. This could be something you are born with such as a birthmark or cleft lip, but can also include something that happens at any point in life such as scars, or burns from an accident, illness, operation or treatment.


The charity offers a range or support including skin camouflage, support, information and counselling / workshops. Thank you again for making it possible to support such a great charity!


We’ve had a great few weeks handing out loads if money from The Sheffield 1000 but the beauty of this charity is that we’ve also been collecting for the next batch of donations.


So, with that in mind, we’d love to get your nominations in for charities, good causes or individuals you think would benefit from £1000.


Please go to log in to your account and send us your ideas and we’ll report back as soon as possible with details or where the money is going.


Thanks again for your support. You’re all lovely.
Dan and The SHEFFIELD 1000 team


Charity Number: 1195383