Our first charity has been chosen!


Hello everyone.


I hope you’re ok and first up I just wanted to say thank you for your support of The Sheffield 1000.


We set this charity up to try and help people in our city and we’ve had a great response over the first few weeks and we are now at the exciting stage of starting to give money away!


Thank you for your nominations and the first charity we gave £1000 to were Baby Basics.


Steve and I went to go and see Cat and the team this week and have a look around their charity which is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. 


They do an amazing job and the need is huge. Our £1000 is going towards buying some baby beds for the 50 or so families they currently have on their waiting list.


We’ll be giving out another £1000 next Friday so… tell your friends. We want to be at the stage of being able to do it every single week as soon as possible as there is so much need around at the moment. As soon as you sign up (LINK) you can start nominating good causes and charities in our city.


Thanks for your support.


A little update for you


Hello there


How are you all? Life has been really busy but it’s been great to see the charity growing and more people coming on board at a time when so many are in need. 


Thank you so much for your continued support. We are in a position now where we can give away some much needed money in the build up to Christmas so please get on the website  and nominate those charities and good causes you’d like to us to support.


The other thing we’d love you to do is tell your friends and encourage them to get involved. You can even send them the sign up link


We would love to get to 1000 members as soon as possible so we can give out £1000 pounds every week of the year.


Thanks again for the support and we’ll be sending regular updates to keep you posted as things develop. You’re all lovely.




Dan Walker

Founder and Patron, The Sheffield 1000


Happy new year!


Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you’re all okay and you were able to have a at least a little rest over Christmas.

Thank you once again for your support for The  Sheffield 1000. Because of your generosity, we were able to support 2 food banks over the festive period - you may have seen the pictures on social media. 

Both the New Hope food bank and the S6 food bank were able to spend £1000 on supplies for the people they look after.

As a charity, it has been amazing to support so many good causes already and we want to keep going and growing in 2023.

Please encourage your friends, colleagues and family to join up and don’t forget to nominate the charities and good causes that you come into contact with or would like to help. 

Hopefully see you soon.


Let’s get nominating!


Hello lovely members of The Sheffield 1000

We hope you are all doing ok. I am writing this on the train back to the place which is apparently “the second best city break in Europe” according to Time Out Magazine! 

Come on Sheffield.

Thanks again for your continued support and to everyone who has told their friends, family and colleagues about our charity.

We’d love to get to 1000 people as soon as possible and have big plans for 2023 and beyond.

It would be great to get your nominations for the next £1000 to give away so please go to the website  to do that and we can support another good cause as soon as possible.

Thanks again and hopefully see you soon 



The Sheffield 1000 out and about!


Hi everyone


Over the last two weekends The Sheffield 1000 team and have been lucky enough to be invited to two brilliant football matches.


On Saturday 4th March we were invited to the watch Hallam FC. It was fantastic. The team won - that’s 7 in a row now - and we got to go on the pitch before the game and talk about the charity.


 It was a wonderful day and we met so many lovely people and to top it off we got a few new donations for our charity too!


 Last Saturday we were guests of Sheffield United at their game against Luton Town.


Let’s not mention the result… it wasn’t a good one… but Dan got to speak in a number of hospitality boxes and on the pitch at halftime all to help raise awareness of what The Sheffield 1000 is all about.


The club were so helpful and Paul Gosney from City Taxis was handing out flyers and cards like a champion. We picked up a number of new members and got to have many great conversations about what we are trying to do in this lovely city of ours.


It has been so encouraging to see Sheffielders get behind the charity and we also need to thank you for all your recent nominations.


Dan’s bike accident and the snow have held up the giving out of some money but over the next few weeks we will be handing out plenty of money to some of the charities and good causes you’ve highlighted. Keep an eye on your emails for updates.


Thanks again for your ongoing support - it really makes a difference.


Have a great week.

Team Sheffield 1000


This weeks charity: Mums in Need


Hello to all our lovely supporters


After attending the two football matches over the last couple of weeks with the team to raise more awareness of The Sheffield 1000, we are delighted to say we were back out with the big cheque today handing out another £1000.


This week we were able to support the nominated charity Mums in Need.

Mums in Need is a brilliant organisation founded by Laura Riley in 2013 to help improve support for mums who have experienced coercive control and post separation abuse.


We were thrilled to hear this £1000 donation will pay for 1 to 1 counselling for two mums for 6 months.


It is all thanks to you, our fantastic supporters that we are able to help such worthy local charities.


We will be handing out another £1000 next week so keep an eye out on our social media platforms and on your emails to see who your kind donations help next.


Thank you again for your continued support and have a great week.

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


This weeks Charity: ADIRA


We are delighted to let all our supporters know we were able to give £1000 to another great charity this week.


We had the pleasure of meeting Ursula who founded the ADIRA charity in 2012, along with two of the charities Board members Tracy and Karen.


ADIRA are based on the Wicker in Sheffield and provide black people of all ages, who have experienced mental health problems, with a safe, friendly and culturally sensitive meeting space. It is here where anyone needing support is offered information and advice along with social and leisure activities.


On the 6th December 2022 they launched a Self-care hub where anyone referred to ADIRA will be provided with free and low-cost cleaning essentials, skin and hair care products for men and women with a focus on culturally appropriate skin and hair care products for people of Africa-Caribbean heritage.


It is fantastic to know some of the £1000 will go towards vital items needed to keep the self-care hub running.


It was a privilege to meet the ADIRA team and get a real sense of how everyone works together to support the community. For anyone interested or knows someone who might be – they are running a mental health meeting at St Marys Church on Bramall Lane on 15th April 2023.


Thank you again for all your support - keep your eyes peeled for where your kind donations will go next week.


Best wishes for a great week!

Dan & The Sheffield 1000 Team


This weeks charity: Share Psychotherapy


This week the team were able to give £1000 to another incredible Charity – Share Psychotherapy.

Share Psychotherapy was founded over 50 years ago, initially to help and council young people with drug addiction. As the charity has grown over the years, they are able to support a much wider range of issues including bereavement, depression, sexual and/or physical abuse.

It was fantastic to be able to visit Share and so many of the team (L-R in the photo Vanessa Boddye -Trustee & volunteer therapist / Jon- clinical Lead / Lynn Keirs - Co-chair of the board & Trustee / Laura - administrative team / Cat – Operations Manager) at their base on Wilkinson Street in Sheffield. They have over 40 therapists working as volunteers or trainees and are able to provide over 100 therapy appointments every week.

It was so humbling to hear that the £1000 is going to go directly to help the lowest income clients receive therapy sessions for free for as long as possible.

Thank you to all our incredible supporters for making this possible.

We are back out again next week and we will keep you updated on where the next £1000 is going.

Best wishes

Dan & The Sheffield 1000 Team


This weeks charity: SYEDA


Hi to all our fantastic supporters,

As April has arrived with a hint of sunshine I am delighted to be able to let you know that this week one of our volunteers, Lucy, made it out to hand over the £1000 to the incredible South Yorkshire Easting Disorder Association (SYEDA) and spent time with the charities CEO, Chris Hood, to get to know a little more about how the charity works.

SYEDA was founded in 1996 and provides treatment across South Yorkshire for people living with an eating disorder. Treatment may include one to one therapy, support groups and occupational therapy. Alongside this SYEDA also offer support and provides information to friends and families.

The charity also deliver education and training sessions in schools, colleges, to professionals and the wider community. 

Lucy said “It was an absolute privilege to be able to represent The Sheffield 1000 and hand over the £1000. Hearing  first hand that the money will go directly into delivering therapy and provide support that is so crucial to people with Eating Disorders is fantastic”.

Thank you again for helping us give away another £1000 this week. Please do keep telling your friends and family about how to get involved – the more support we have the more charities we can help.

Best wishes

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


This weeks charity: Judes Charity



This week the £1000 donations have gone to support a young Sheffield boy called Jude who was heartbreakingly diagnosed with an aggressive cancer just before he turned 3 years old. Our Charity Trustee Steve Manley met with Jude’s Uncle to hand over the £1000.

We wanted you, our incredible donators, to hear first hand from Jude’s Mum Lucy, about how Jude is and how your incredible donations will help:

“Jude was diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer, the day before his third birthday. Our lives were turned upside down and inside out. As a family with the help of our extended family, friends and complete strangers from Sheffield and across the world we have been tirelessly fundraising for over a year. We were originally fundraising for Jude to access a vaccine in New York which aimed to stop the cancer returning and had a set target to aim to and we reached it. As things changed and we found out the devastating news that Jude had relapsed in November, just days before we had planned to travel to New York. The extent of the disease was vast and we were told he could be treated to allow him time but not for a cure. Our options started to close down. Jude has responded so well to chemotherapy and radiotherapy but the NHS can’t offer anything else and so ultimately he is still “palliative”. However, his response has meant that there are options abroad. Where we had the set amount to aim for before, at the moment we have no set figure to aim for because there are so many variables and extras that may need to be factored in. We also don’t have time on our side as, if approved, Jude would need to travel pretty quickly as we couldn’t risk the cancer changing again. Every donation counts, every penny helps. A donation like the one from Sheffield 1000 helps us to be able to have a breather knowing that some money has gone into the pot that day. It is a glimmer of hope that Jude’s life might change from the 21 months of continuous cancer treatment, pain and hospitals that he has endured and we may be able to give him a life of a normal 4 year old. Any money that isn’t used by Jude to access treatment will be used by Solving Kids’ Cancer to help fund research into Neuroblastoma. We are extremely thankful for the donation.”

I think reading how much this money is needed to support Jude in his fight against this dreadful disease really hits home about how important your donations are and the support and impact the weekly £1000 donations can make.

Thank you all, and please continue to spread the word about The Sheffield 1000 so we can help as many smaller Charities as we can.

Best wishes for a great week
Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


Thank you


Hi Guys

We hope you are all ok and thanks so much for your continued support and so many wonderful nominations.

It’s wonderful to see how committed you all are in supporting good causes in Sheffield.

It has taken us a bit longer than planned to sort through them all, but our independent panel have made their choices and we have plenty of charities lined up to start in the next few days. We can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Thanks again

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


Our latest charity visit


Hello guys 

Great news… we have started giving away our latest set of £1000

Thank you so much for your continued generosity and support. Our independent charity panel have selected from your nominations and today - one of our trustees - Arnie Singh visited Darnall Dementia Group. They do some amazing work and the £1000 will go a long way.

Feel free to tell your friends, family & colleagues and encourage them to join up and we will hopefully have more news of the next donation next week.


Charity givaway: Bluebell Wood


Hello all. Hope you’re doing ok.

Yesterday I had the honour of presenting the £1000 cheque to Ruth Wallbank of Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice on behalf the Members of the Sheffield 1000-1 Charity. Visiting Bluebell Wood always fills you with so many different emotions. You walk through the door expecting a sombre and sad atmosphere, but the whole ambiance could not be more different. The team are so positive, friendly and upbeat which almost seems hard to imagine. As a parent myself, its heartbreaking and humbling, but this really is an amazing place.

The £1000 you the members have contributed makes a huge difference and the money will go towards supporting children and their families in incredibly difficult times.

Thank you to the several members that nominated Bluebell Wood and thanks again to all involved in this wonderful Charity. If you are not aware of the Charity and would like to find out a little more, please don’t hesitate to visit our website

Thank you! Steve Manley – Trustee


this weeks charity: sheffield young carers


Hello lovely supporters 

We have given out our latest £1000 to the team at Sheffield Young Carers. 

They help carers aged between 8-25 with 1-1 work, trips, holidays, education, employment & training. They do an amazing job and it’s a real pleasure to support them so thank you to everyone of you who nominated them. 

Please continue to tell your friends, family and colleagues about some of the incredible people we are supporting and thanks again for being brilliant. Your £1 is going a long way.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Dan and The SHEFFIELD 1000 team



Our latest charity visits...


Hello there,

Just wanted to update you on where your contributions have been going over the last few weeks.

Dan had the chance to speak to Liz and Emily from the Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA).

They support families affected by Batten Disease. Liz is the acting CEO and Emily's two children - Holly and Max - both have the terminal condition and she spoke about some of the struggles they go through. Their £1000 is going to go towards supporting other families with essential care.

Steve also visited Comac and chatted with Ken Woodhouse and his team. Comac provide working bikes to people seeking asylum so that they have a way of getting around. The charity started in 2008 and since then have given out hundreds of bikes and they also help with maintenance and repairs. Their £1000 will help as they continue their work - supplying bikes to those in need.

We also wanted to say thank you for your continued support. I hope you feel joy at being able to help people who really need it and please feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and family to join The Sheffield 1000.

Thanks again.

The Sheffield 1000 Team.


Latest donation!


Hello everyone!


We are delighted to let you know that last week we were able to donate another £1000 to another great Sheffield charity - Under the Stars!


Steve had the pleasure of visting them on Friday to make the donation.


Under the Stars is an arts and events charity for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. They deliver drama and music workshops four days a week from their base in Hillsborough. They give people with learning disabilities and/or autism the opportunity to be creative, learn new skills, express themselves and make sure that they are seen and heard in places where people with a disability are often underrespresented. They work with groups to create original music and theatre about issues that matter to them and regularly perform and gig at places like The Crucible, Sheffield Hallam University Performance Lab, Yellow Arch, The Greystones and Tramlines Festival. In addition they run regular nightclubs for people with learning disabilities and/or autism and their friends at The Leadmill.


Our donation will be used to buy new camera equipment for their drama groups to learn new skills in film making and acting for camera.  Their music groups will also learn film making skills to make music videos and enabling them to document and share their live shows and performances in a way that they are currently unable to do. It will help them to share their work digitally showcasing what people with disabilities are capable of to a much wider audience base.


Thank you again for all your support - keep your eyes peeled for where your kind donations will go next...


Best wishes for a great week!

Dan & The Sheffield 1000 Team


Latest Charity Visit


Hello everyone!


In our latest visit one of our trustees, Arnie Singh, was able to present The Archer Project with their donation of £1000.

The Archer Project is based at the cathedral and provides a place where homeless and vulnerable people can get the support they need to change their lives for the better. People are helped to develop their independence; improve their ability to tackle setbacks; learn to identify and change negative behaviour; build their wellbeing. Our donation will help support the sevices the project runs to help those who come to them for assistance.

Thank you so much for your continued support and your commitment to supporting charities and good causes in Sheffield. Our independent panel is currently selecting the next group of charities who will receive a donation from The Sheffield 1000... We are looking forward to letting you know who they are in the near future...

Thanks as always,

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


Family Voice CIC


Hello everyone!


On 3rd November, Melinda Schofield (one of our trustees) visited Family Voice CIC to  present them with their donation of £1000. She had a wonderful time seeing the work this organisation does working with women who have limited English and who face multiple barriers in accessing services and support. Melinda was also treated to lunch at Ammi's Kitchen which is Family Voice's food social enterprise. 

The donation means such a lot to Family Voice and will really assist them in their work helping women in the Nether Edge, Lowfield and Sharrow areas of the city.

Thank you so much for your continued support and your commitment to supporting charities and good causes in Sheffield. Our next group of charities has now been selected and we are looking forward to giving away several more donations of £1000 in the run up to Christmas!

Thanks as always,

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


High Green Development Trust


Hello everyone,

Recently we were able to donate £1000 to the High Green Development Trust. This amazing organisation exists to benefit, support and empower the local community of High Green and the surrounding areas of Sheffield. The Trust manages The Campus an inclusive community centre and business hub where people come to meet others, play sport and take part in other leisure activities as well as to learn and to do business. In addition, the Trust supports activities out and about in the local area partnering with schools, churches, charities, local businesses and community groups.

The Trust is run by both staff and volunteers including those in the photo (from left to right): Lauren, Community Engagement Manager; Chamila, Finance Manager; Helen, Community Engagement Supervisor.

The Trust will use the donation to help create a new Community Corner - a space from which they can seek to tackle issues such as social isolation, and mental health problems.  The space will have several functions, serving as: a family hub; a workshop and creative space where people will be invited to come together to make and bake; a space which will house public access computers; a library; a quiet space and a reception and team room.

Thank you so much for your continued support and your commitment to supporting charities and good causes in Sheffield. We are planning to donate to several more organisations in the run up to Christmas, so please watch this space…

Thanks as always,


Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team



Another donation...


Hello everyone!

We are delighted to let you know that last week we were able to donate £1000 to the Gleadless Valley Foodbank.

The foodbank operates from Gleadless Valley Methodist Church. They help those in the local community based on the belief that no one should have to face going hungry. They provide three days of nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to them in crisis.

Our donation will be used to help those in need in the run up to Christmas. Volunteers - including the group of students in the picture - are busy collecting food from local supermarkets to be made up into food parcels.

Thank you again for all your support! Keep your eyes peeled this week for where your kind donations will go next...

Best wishes,

Dan & The Sheffield 1000 Team


And another one...


Hello all!

On Friday, Steve Manley had the privilege of being able to visit The RIVA Project and present them with their donation of £1000. They were so thankful for the donation which will help them "to continue to subsidise the sports hall fees that our clients use three times a week where they attend the fitness suite and specifically tailored disability multi sports sessions."

The RIVA Project is committed to providing better life chances for people with disabilities in and around Sheffield. They offer recreational activities, independent living skills and work-based training for people with disabilities or anyone who would benefit from independent living skills and the confidence to gain employment. The project includes a cafe and a charity shop both or which are open to the public.

It is great to see your generous donations being used to help another charity in the city. Thank you so much for your continued giving. We are planning to give away several more donations in the coming days so please do keep watch for updates. And please also keep nominating as we'd love to be able to give to other deserving causes too.

Thank you as always,

Dan & The Sheffield 1000 Team



A joint venture


Hello everyone!


We just wanted to update you on our latest venture with the aim of helping even more charities and good causes in Sheffield.


In December we launched our Corporate Club and pictured with Dan are Gregg Roberts and Jason Howard, directors of the White House Clinic - Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Management who were the first company to give £1000 to The Sheffield 1000 Charity. Their donation was then match funded by Dave Capper (next to Dan) the CEO of Westfield Health and his offer of match funding is still available to any business who would like to see their money doubled and go straight to good causes in Sheffield. If you are interested please do visit our website to find out more.


Thank you so much for your continued support and commitment. Our independent panel has selected the next group of charities who will receive a donation from The Sheffield 1000 and we look forward to letting you know who your generous donations will be helping next in our city.


Best wishes,


Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


A visit to The Furnival


Hello again,


So we also are keen to update you on our first charity donation of 2024! Yesterday, one of our trustees, Steve Manley, visited The Furnival to present them with a cheque for £1000. Steve is pictured here with Julie D'Souza Walsh to his right, the charity's Projects and Development Manager and Jane Clements Womack next to her, who also works for the charity, along with some of the women who the charity helps week by week.


The Furnival engages with the local community in Burngreave and the surrounding areas of Sheffield. Having launched their Creative English programme in 2017, they have worked with over 600 women and children from diverse backgrounds, building their confidence in language and improving their understanding of daily life in a new country. The charity plans to spend their donation on their weekly Cook and Share sessions. Sharing food together is so important in building a strong community and giving people a sense of home. The money will pay for the ingredients for those meals for the next year.


Thank you again for your continued support. It is amazing how much of a difference we can make when we come together and donate just £1 a week.


We will be posting regular updates over the next few weeks as we hope to give away several more donations of £1000 to a variety of charities and good causes across the city.


Thanks as always,

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team


The Family Works



Last week Paul Gosney, a good friend of the charity, was able to visit The Family Works to present them with their cheque for £1000. He is pictured here with Andrea Liversidge the charity's CEO.

The Family Works is a trauma informed family support project walking alongside famililes who need their support. They equip local volunteers to support families in their communities, families who may be isolated, lonely, vulnerable or struggling to cope. They provide support through relation-based services working to see the tide of family breakdown turn, to see children who are loved and cared for prosper and family relationships that are constructive instead of destructive and damaging.

The support given by The Sheffield 1000 will be invaluable and has come at exactly the right time when key resources are running low on funding. Our donation will help support their volunteers and staff on the front lines, enabling them to provide a lifeline for families. Our support will help The Family Works to provide the necessary training, resources and support systems for all - making sure everyone's wellbeing is invested in and fostering a real sense of community and value.

The Family Voice wants to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed by donating their £1 a week - your generosity will make a tangible difference in the lives that they touch week by week.

And so thank you again for your continued support and commitment to supporting charities and good causes in Sheffield. We are planning several visits to other charities at the moment and we will keep you updated as we continue to give to the organisations you have nominated.


Thanks as always,

Dan and The Sheffield 1000 Team

Charity Number: 1195383