Our second charity this week is Mums In Need


Hello again!

The second charity donation we'd like to share about with you this week was made to Mums In Need.

You can find out about this amazing charity at

Their team of staff are pictured above (from left to right - Zara, Kathryn, Ursula, Olivia, Nicola and Laura - their founder and CEO).

Mums In Need provide a unique support service for mothers suffering ongoing coercive control after separation from an abusive partner and are working to raise awareness about the multifaceted reality which characterises that control. They support women as they struggle to find the understanding and resources to cope with ongoing, often invisible abuse, which impacts work, other relationships, motherhood and physical/mental health. They offer a wide range of services from counselling and well-being sessions to legal advice.

They will use their donation to pay for places for 45 of their Mins (service users) to attend one of their wellbeing sessions which are held to support their Mins with their mental, emotional and physical health and help them cope with the anxiety, stress and trauma that dealing with onging coercive control can cause.

Thank you again for your support and your weekly giving - it really is making a difference! And again please do keep nominating and don't forget you can nominate charities and good causes you have nominated before, even if they have already been donated to. Mums in Need is our first charity to receive 2 donations! They received their first donation in March 2023 and were therefore eligible to be considered again, more than six months having elapsed since then.

We hope you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Best wishes,

The Sheffield 1000 Team



Charity Number: 1195383