Our latest charity visits...


Hello there,

Just wanted to update you on where your contributions have been going over the last few weeks.

Dan had the chance to speak to Liz and Emily from the Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA).

They support families affected by Batten Disease. Liz is the acting CEO and Emily's two children - Holly and Max - both have the terminal condition and she spoke about some of the struggles they go through. Their £1000 is going to go towards supporting other families with essential care.

Steve also visited Comac and chatted with Ken Woodhouse and his team. Comac provide working bikes to people seeking asylum so that they have a way of getting around. The charity started in 2008 and since then have given out hundreds of bikes and they also help with maintenance and repairs. Their £1000 will help as they continue their work - supplying bikes to those in need.

We also wanted to say thank you for your continued support. I hope you feel joy at being able to help people who really need it and please feel free to invite your friends, colleagues and family to join The Sheffield 1000.

Thanks again.

The Sheffield 1000 Team.

Charity Number: 1195383